Generations of
Insurance Premium Financing

First Generation of Premium Financing

Capital Premium Finance is a privately held insurance premium finance company founded in 2008 by Jim Sweat and Lee Gerzina, each having over 30 years experience in the insurance premium finance industry.

The roots of Capital Premium Finance date back to 1961 when Jim’s father, Bob Sweat founded Premium Assignment Corporation in Tallahassee, Florida and began his lifelong and storied career in premium financing.

Second Generation

In 1981, Jim Sweat was a Lockheed Engineer in Atlanta when his dad needed his help to run the business during recuperation from quadruple bypass surgery.  Lee Gerzina came on board shortly after.

Premium Assignment Corporation was sold to SunTrust Bank in the early 90’s.  Jim stayed on as president of that company for a number of years.  Under his direction PAC did business in all 50 states with a staff of over 100 employees and financed billions in premiums.

Jim and Lee left that company to start SEFCO in the late 90’s.  SEFCO grew and was sold to BB&T bank in 2003.

Capital Premium Finance Founded

Jim and Lee then founded Capital Premium Finance in 2008.  With over 600 agents and 500 insurance companies, Capital Premium Finance has financed insurance premiums for more than 50,000 customers.  During their 30 plus year careers, Jim and Lee have financed over $2 billion in insurance premium finance loans.

As you can see, experience is our main strength.  Additionally, Capital Premium Finance is privately owned and as a result more flexible and responsive to agents' needs.

The Next Generation

Premium financing runs deep in the Sweat family blood.  Jim’s son, Connor recently joined the business with plans to extend the Sweat name through its third generation in premium financing.

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